4 Benefits of Basement Waterproofing

Published on July 1st, 2021

Your basement forms the foundation of your home. However, adding protection to a basement is rarely top of the to-do list. Basement waterproofing helps prevent water from entering the house, which helps protect your home from various problems. 

4 Reasons to Waterproof Your Basement

1. Reduces Flooding Risk

Any heavy storm can flood a basement, which can cause immediate damage and also unseen damage, such as providing a damp area for mold to grow. Leaks or bursts from pipes inside the home can do this damage as well. Basement waterproofing can help ensure that damage is kept to a minimum, if at all. Options include adding drains or a sump pump to the basement.

basement waterproofing

2. Helps Protect From Leaks

If your basement is leaky, the water can damage any finishing that has been done and create the perfect environment for mold. Basement sealing can be the ideal solution, as the sealant protects against leaks by creating a water repellant barrier. There are different kinds of sealants, so talk to your basement contractor about the best pick for your house.

3. Reduces Moisture Levels

Moisture throughout the home can lead to various problems, including increased risk of mildew, rust on metal objects in the house, and warmer feeling temperatures inside during summer. Sealing a foundation can reduce the risk of moisture buildup so you won’t have to install a dehumidification system.

4. Protects the Home

No matter where you live if you have a basement, then your house is likely susceptible to some water seepage from the outdoors. Water seeping through the foundation can rot wood, warp other materials, damage possessions, and help mold to thrive. In addition to sealing the foundation, other helpful solutions include the addition of sump pumps, air filtration systems, dehumidification systems, and basement drainage. 

If you want to ensure your basement stays dry, turn to 1-800-BUSY-DOG in Walpole, MA. Our basement specialists are experienced professionals who provide quality basement waterproofing as well as emergency restoration services. Call (800) 287-9364 or fill out a contact form to schedule a free estimate.

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