Understanding Basement Wall Crack Repair

Published on August 10th, 2021

You may look at a basement wall crack and just see a crack, but there are different types that require different approaches for repair situations. In most cases, cracks will start around pipes, windows, long sections of foundation, service lines, and pour lines. There are primarily two types of cracks, horizontal cracks and vertical cracks. The type of crack can tell you a lot about how the crack has been formed and what steps need to be taken to repair the cracks.

Horizontal Cracks

Horizontal cracks are the worst types of basement wall cracks, and are caused by exterior pressure. The pressure can come from soil and water on the outside of the foundation. Horizontal cracks typically occur when there is poor drainage around the building. Hydrostatic pressure can cause the weight bearing ability of the foundation to be compromised and cause a horizontal crack, which can be seen inside your basement wall. This is a very serious situation that has to be addressed immediately by a professional.

Vertical Cracks

Vertical cracks are not typically as serious as horizontal cracks. These can be formed just from settling of the building, but you should still have them looked at by a professional. As with most home problems, the issue can become worse without repair.

Potential Repairs

There are several ways that a professional can permanently fix the issue. Of course, in the case of horizontal cracks there may be additional repairs necessary, such as drainage repairs, soil replacement, etc.

To prevent further problems when horizontal cracks are present, it is necessary to address the cause. The professionals at Basement Technologies will be able to determine what caused the horizontal crack and the right way to fix the problem.

It is also important to address vertical cracks to prevent further problems, but these can be treated with special fillers and other techniques.

Professional Attention

Ultimately, whether you have vertical or horizontal cracks in your basement wall, you want to take the necessary steps to have the repairs done to avoid further damage and costlier repairs down the road. Basement Technologies has the solution for all types of basement wall cracks. They can easily diagnose the cause of the cracks and give you options to repair not only the cracked walls but to ensure that you take care of the underlying problems for a permanent repair.

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