Don’t Delay Your Foundation Repair!

Published on March 21st, 2021

It is vital to make sure that water does not enter the basement of a home. Even the smallest leak can mean the possibility of a serious problem, and you want to make sure you have the damage fixed quickly as possible. The longer a leak is neglected in the foundation of a structure, the more severe the issue can become, which can result in costly repairs. While a little bit of a water does not indicate there is a problem in the foundation, if left uncared for the small leak can result in other problems for the homeowner. Here at Basement Technologies, we are experts in foundation repair and can eliminate the risk of other issues resulting from the tiny leak.

A Leak And Your Heating and Air Conditioning Unit

A leak in the foundation of a home can increase the amount of humidity that is in the residence. The smallest amount of water will remain in the basement until it eventually evaporates away. When the liquid evaporates, it will turn into humidity that is absorbed by the air. This humidity can make the air feel warmer in your home and uncomfortable for you and your family. The extra humidity can add excessive wear and tear on the homes heating and air conditioning unit. As the HAVAC system works harder, it can result in higher utility bills for the homeowner or even the chance of needing their system fixed when it becomes overworked.

Avoid Mold With Proper Foundation Repair

Mold will begin to grow in spots that generate heat and on organic materials. In order for the spores of the mold to begin growing, they require moisture. When you have a leaky basement, it provides all the requirements that are needed to allow the spores to grow and thrive. Mold will then contaminate the air in the home and can cause serious health problems for the occupants. Once mold begins to grow, it can require a professional to help successfully remove the spores, which will be rather costly.

Contact Basement Technologies

You may think that you can repair the foundation on your own or that the problem will not worsen. However, it is vital to hire a professional company to complete the repairs for you. Basement Technologies has over thirty years of experience when it comes to repairing the foundation of a house and waterproofing a basement. Their knowledgeable staff can provide a solution for your leak and help further damage occurring to the home through foundation repair.

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