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Our Drainage Systems in Rhode Island

Does your home have a drainage system in place? Are you protected from the next storm? Basement Technologies recommends having at least one basement waterproofing system in place. Plus, there are simple things that you can do to help ensure your basement is protected. Call Basement Technologies to learn more about installing drainage systems in Rhode Island.

Drainage Systems

Drainage systems need to be tailored to each individual home, so while one system might work for your neighbor, another option might be right for you. The team at Basement Technologies specializes in French drain installation.

Exterior French drains utilize a trench, gravel, and a PVC pipe. We will dig a trench around your home, fill the trench partway with a layer of gravel, and then install a perforated PVC pipe through the entire thing. It takes a professional to know the right way to install French drains because it is quite a labor-intensive project.

An interior French drain is combined with a sump pump. This method requires creating a trench on the inside of your basement. It works similarly to the exterior system, but there is a sump pump available to assist when needed. We can help you choose the best sump pump option for you.

Other Drainage Measures

Along with drainage systems, there are other ways to improve the drainage around your home. These extra measures help ensure your home has as much protection as possible.

For instance, we can install drain footings around your house. These, along with gutters and downspouts, keep rainwater from leaking down through your home’s foundation and into your basement. If your home needs extra protection from flooding, our team can discuss other preventative measures that can help mitigate this risk.

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