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Mold Testing Massachusetts

Residential Mold Testing Services

Indoor air quality testing is part of an overall illness prevention and health sustaining approach to your home. Testing your indoor air quality for mold contamination needs to be done professionally and quickly as it affects your health in the environments you live or work in.

Whether you need to go beyond the home inspection process or you are having issues with allergies, coughing, sneezing or other environmental issues, we are here to help. At Basement Technologies, we believe in a common sense approach to environmental hazards around your home or business. Our highly-trained residential air quality inspectors have backgrounds in environmental hazards and will assist you in solving your home’s environmental hazards.

When Is Mold Testing Advised

  • After purchasing a new home. Especially when sold “as is”
  • Following a flood or flood damage
  • After a leak has been found in your home
  • If you notice a moldy smell but are unable to see it
  • When you see stains that you can’t explain on either furniture, walls, flooring or carpet
  • If someone within your home has medical issues that people can’t explain

Commercial Mold Testing Services

Mold growth within a business can be detrimental to the employees, customers and company as a whole. Mold growth is extremely unprofessional, has an unsightly look and carries along with it potential health problems.

Basement Technologies provides mold testing for offices, commercial businesses & industrial buildings. It is our goal to find any and all possible air quality issues and properly diagnose and fix them. The first step to getting a clean office space is understanding the air quality.

It is extremely important that as soon as you suspect any mold or mildew growth that you contact a professional immediately. The longer you wait, the worse the situation could become. Work Dog professionals have years of experience in handling businesses small and large.

We suggest that all landlords and business owners test for mold or air quality issues periodically. Whether it be mold that has grown or a defect in your building that could lead to mold, it’s important that you stop it before it becomes a problem.

Contact us for immediate assistance and we will get things back to normal.

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