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Water Trek Aqua Route

The Water Trek Aqua Route is a unique patented interior basement drainage system that can be custom tailored to each basement water problem and footing configuration under the floor.

It addresses water from both sides of the footing and can be installed in any soil or sub-floor situation. Experts agree that the most effective basement waterproofing method is an interior sub-floor system and the Water Trek Aqua Route the best product available.

Water threatens entry to the basement living space in front of the footing as well as the footing / foundation wall seam. The Water Trek Aqua Route® conduit has slots on both sides to accommodate both problem areas.

Soil composition, along with footing, wall, and floor construction vary greatly from one house to another. It is virtually impossible to analyze any soil and footing configuration until the floor is opened. Identifying the footing configuration in relation to the floor (slab) and the foundation wall is the key to installing a waterproofing system that will last for the life of your home.

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