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Our exclusive formula combines flexibility with the hardness of epoxy resins. During the curing phase, the Hydro-Crete Sealer polymers cross-link to create a macromolecule of extreme durability to provide optimum resistance to a wide variety of chemicals, severe below grade hydrostatic pressure, and other environmental conditions.

Hydro-Crete Sealer is a high strength, hydrophobic, breathing type, two-component, modified epoxy coating manufactured from a balanced ratio of fillers, and water extended resins and hardeners. The mixture penetrates deep into the surface capillaries so that when totally cross-linked serve as a water insoluble lining on the sidewalls of the pores and voids in the substrate (making them water repellant). This lining robs the water of its capillary action – preventing moisture from entering through the masonry. A second coat, bonded to the previous coat, builds up sufficient density, cohesion and strength to render the surface pinhole free and impervious to mass water penetration. On extremely porous surfaces, a third coat may be needed to touch up areas where porosity can still be seen. When used in conjunction with our Water Trek system it creates an impenetrable combination.

Basement Technologies’ Hydro-Crete™ Sealer forms a positive, high quality, integral protective barrier against mass water penetration and is warranted if used with our Water Trek system. When minimum down time, high pressure resistance, coating strength and longevity are major factors in choosing coating suitability, Hydro-Crete™ Sealer can be used on all types of damp interior or exterior, above or below grade, masonry surfaces including concrete, brick, various types of masonry block, mortar, stucco, adobe, cast-stone, or sandstone.

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