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Stallion Eliminator

The Stallion Eliminator battery operated backup sump pump is designed to backup primary residential pumps in case of pump or power failure. It is a must in situations where an inoperative sump pump is not an option.

The Stallion Eliminator has a separate float switch and built-in alarm that automatically starts the backup system and activates a warning buzzer to protect against high water damage and warns of primary pump failure.

An accepted reality in basement waterproofing is that the most reliable basement waterproofing systems include a backup pumping unit. Basement Technologies’ primary and secondary pumping units run on electricity and may come unplugged, trip a circuit or shut off. For that reason, we recommend battery backup units and secondary pumps be installed at each and every pump location.

The Stallion Eliminator is self charging, runs automatically during a power outage and provides backup to the standard pump in case of mechanical failure. The pump will also operate if the main pump cannot with water inflow.

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