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Bonair Basement

As seen on HGTV, the Bonair Basement is your solution for excess humidity and poor air quality. This innovative ventilation unit provides a healthier home environment by improving the air quality and expelling moist air that nurtures molds and creates condensation.

In addition, the Bonair Basement will expel many of the dangerous gases that become trapped inside your home do to excess insulation and poor circulation.

Designed for homes with full basements, this unit has an expandable height from 86.5?-102? and moves from 180cfm to 220cfm with coverage up to 2200sq.ft. (Insulated basement serviced: 1500 sq. ft.) Compact and discrete, the Bonair Basement unit is designed to be placed against a wall and blend with the decor.

Bonair Helps Cure “Sick Home Syndrome”

  • MOLDS: Mold spores can cause serious health problems. The moisture evacuation and circulation provided by the Bonair Unit reduces the conditions for molds to prosper.
  • MUSTY ODORS & MILDEW: Musty odors and mildew can make any space unusable. Bonair Basement helps create additional living space without the expense of building onto your home. 
  • CHEMICAL POLLUTANTS: Building materials, home furnishings and wood finishes release formaldehyde and other volatile organic compounds. Released household chemicals are absorbed in moist air and stagnate in your home. The Bonair Ventilation Unit helps remove harmful chemical pollutants from your home.
  • BIOLOGICAL CONTAMINANTS: Residues from living organisms such as pollen, fungi, dust mites, and animal waste cause infectious diseases, allergic reactions, respiratory ailments and other health problems. Bonair greatly reduces your family’s exposure to these contaminants.
  • DANGEROUS GASES: Carbon monoxide and natural gas from your appliances can enter your home and accumulate virtually undetected. Gases accumulated in the basement are expelled when the Bonair is running.
  • STRUCTURAL DAMAGE: Humidity and moisture in general cause serious problems in the home, such as rotting wood, rust and buckling floors. Bonair greatly reduces humidity and its costly, damaging effects in your home.
Bonair Basement
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