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30kW Home Generator

You don’t need a larger generator, you need a smarter one! In the past, selecting a home generator system meant choosing between a smaller unit that would only power the barest essentials, or a much larger, more fuel-hungry and costly unit.

Perfect for smaller to medium-sized homes, the new 30kW Home Generator System by Briggs & Stratton includes the Symphony® II Power Management System allowing you to meet the power needs of your whole house, (including up to two 4-ton air conditioners). And with a footprint that is 15% smaller than most whole house systems. These units blend in beautifully with your homes exterior and landscaping.

Why the Symphony® II Power Management System? Well, not all appliances are powered equally. Some, such as your central air conditioner, electric clothes dryer, electric stovetop, oven, or whirlpool tub, require a large amount of power to start up or operate properly.

The Symphony® II orchestrates these high-demand appliances with lower-demand items to give you true whole-house power with a smaller, more affordable generator. The package also includes one of the best comprehensive parts and labor warranties in the business – a 5 year limited warranty. Your guarantee of quality and performance.

30kW Home Generator
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